Welcome to the EVENT PAGE.  The intent of this page is to provide you with information about local (Albuquerque area) events that may be of interest to you that would be appropriate for organizing a group gathering. We are also going to be posting the a list of birthdays of our classmates monthly, as well as posting the preformance schedule of musicians that have a connection with our class.  (Please note: If you would like to provide musician schedules or notify us of on upcoming event please use the Contact Link provided on the site menu. The birthdays listed are based on profile information provided on the site. )




  The following is the schedule for Steve Kinabrew and Odd Dog and the various groups he plays with. This will be updated weekly.

Hi everyone,

This is where I will be this week.


    Odd Dog will be performing at the Mine Shaft Cantina outdoor upper deck, 2846 Hwy 14, Madrid, NM this Saturday, October 10 from 3:00 until 7:00.


  The Mine Shaft Cantina has a  covered outdoor patio setting and the Governor has granted NM restaurants permission to serve guests on their patios at a limited seating capacity.They serve libations as well! Those who enter the restaurant areas must wear a face covering or mask. Obviously they may be removed while eating or drinking at your table. The employees also wear very safe face masks, and the tables are set at safe distances per lawful requirements. Dancing is not allowed on the dance floor. It is recommended you don't go out if you feel ill, have a compromised immune system, or you have other health issues. Please continue to take good care of yourself!


Thank you for supporting local NM businesses, and our local musicians!


 Steve Kinabrew


Here is information about the schedule of Doug Muchmore ( MHS 70)



 · Hosted by Doug Muchmore, Singer-Songwriter


Doug Muchmore
575-849-1270 (Ranch)
HC 75, Box 20
Mountainair, NM 87036



OCTOBER  BIRTHDAYS !!!    Be sure to congratulate these folks!

Oct 1  Mark Knudsen

Oct 7  Michael Bailey

Oct 9  Nancy Koschmann Seemann

Oct 13 David Willey

Oct 14 Douglas Appel

Oct 16 Barbara Lowe Long

Oct 18 Bill Borden and Dwight Zurawski

Oct 20 Tereica Gowens Gonzales

Oct 23 Felipe Garcia

Oct 28 Steve Montoya

Oct 29 Johnny Griego and Donna Yonack Palvadeau

Oct 30 Karen Smith Mann